4 tips so that death does not make you indebted

Soon we will celebrate our deceased children and adults in Mexico, on days 1 and 2 respectively. On this holiday the Mexicans receive their dead with the traditional altar, where they are delighted with their favorite dishes, drinks, desserts and some vice they had.

Mexicans to death call him “catrina” “calaca”, “bony”, “skinny”, “grim reaper”, etc. And when he dies, he is told to “petate”, “stretch his leg”, “peel”. This is how Mexicans worship death. In 2008, Unesco declared the Day of the Dead as Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

However, despite being so aware of death and knowing that, it is the only sure thing you have in life, paradoxically you have neglected the financial part to face it when the time comes.

It is thought that one is immortal, that it takes a long time to get to knock on the door, or simply dodges out of fear, without a doubt, it is a sensitive issue. And for those same reasons, it would be necessary to provide for family care.

# 1 Talk about death

# 1 Talk about death

It is imperative to discuss this in order to design a savings plan to cover the expenses that result from the death of a family member.

# 2 Save


Target a certain amount for this fact that will be irremediable, do not leave worries. If in life you always procured his well-being , in death he would not have to be the exception.

# 3 Hire funeral services

Prevention is the common denominator for any adversity. Therefore, it is important that you quote packages at the different funeral homes because doing so from one day to the next could be more expensive. Since the mind is in other situations, and not necessarily in the care of the economy.

The list of expenses is made up of transfer, coffin or urn, burial or cremation, flowers, wake, coffee, bread, among other expenses family members have to face.

# 4 Hire insurance

# 4 Hire insurance

Most insurances have funeral expense coverage . Quote which one suits you, but if you’re flat and you’re not sure where to start; A good tool is to use a service comparator.

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