My Credit Rating Dropped Why Credit?

Every person who draws a loan from a bank creates a credit rating. Your bank will give you a point based on your performance in repaying your credits. This score, which we call the credit rating , determines your place in the financial sector. Before your loan applications, banks will evaluate your loan applications based on this score. I was attracted to KR credit rating fell, we will not respond to anyone’s questions.

If you see this score drop after you’ve taken a credit , you’ve made payments disruptions. Of course, in a delay of only one month, the credit rating does not fall directly. However, if you continue this situation in other months, credit rating will decrease. Banks will always ask for the credit rating to be paid on the contracted days.  


I took a credit Why my credit note fell?

credit loan

There are two methods for people with low credit ratings. If the Endeks credit rating is low as a first method, you can refer to ways to increase this rating. In the other way, you will be able to get credit by changing the application form. You can specify collateral to the bank on this issue because those with a low credit rating are considered unsafe in repayment.

For face-to-face applications, you can get a loan by specifying a mortgage or guarantor to the bank. Banks are always positive against mortgage and guarantor applications. I took credit, credit rating fell to answer our question if we found now let’s take tactics on how to upgrade.


How does my credit rating increase?

credit rating increase

The main reason for the decrease in the credit rating is the irregular payments made to the bank. In this respect, it is necessary to provide a re-payment scheme for credit rating upgrade . You can do this by using a small amount of credit card or credit. You can also increase your credit rating as a result of placing an automatic payment order , using internet banking actively and making payments on time.  


How do I learn my credit rating?

How do I learn my credit rating?

There are many different methods you can use to learn your credit rating. Endeks is the most secure and fast way to learn your credit rating. By registering with this internet system created by Credit Registration Bureau, you can quickly make a credit note query.

The Endeks system will also provide you with other credit information. Apart from this method, you can query your credit grade via internet banking or SMS. Although it is not preferred much, it is possible to learn the credit rating from the bank branches.  


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